Freight Forwarding Platform Case Study

The Project

Beacon contacted me via LinkedIn as they needed an experienced designer who was capable of working alone on a complex project for an extended period of time. They wanted me to design a platform that would enable users to book products onto shipments and track those shipments as they are send overseas to fulfilment centres. The design needed to have a large emphasis on ease-of-use, and when I say 'large emphasis', I mean a product that would make it impossible for users to second guess what they were doing. 

My Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design the end-to-end user interface and user experience for the Beacon platform

  • Prepare visual materials to aid with securing investment

  • Put together a visual brand identity in collaboration with a brand designer

  • Work closely with developers to ensure that the digital experience is implemented correctly

  • Work closely with Stakeholders to ensure the product is designed in-line with business rules

NDA in place

As part of my promise to my clients, confidential work will not be displayed fully publicly. If you are interested in hiring me for a project, I will be able to show you more of this work.