Freight Forwarding Platform Case Study

The Project

Beacon contacted me via LinkedIn as they needed an experienced designer who was capable of working alone on a complex project for an extended period of time. They wanted me to design a platform that would enable users to book products onto shipments and track those shipments as they are send overseas to fulfilment centres. The design needed to have a large emphasis on ease-of-use, and when I say 'large emphasis', I mean a product that would make it impossible for users to second guess what they were doing. 

My Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design the end-to-end user interface and user experience for the Beacon platform

  • Prepare visual materials to aid with securing investment

  • Put together a visual brand identity in collaboration with a brand designer

  • Work closely with developers to ensure that the digital experience is implemented correctly

  • Work closely with Stakeholders to ensure the product is designed in-line with business rules

Quote Search

Users needed to be able to enter their requirements and search for a quote in order to book products onto a shipment.


Payment details are simple to fill in, descriptive and not overwhelming for the user. Users can also choose between different methods of payment.

Beacon's mission is to offer simple, transparent and reliable logistics all the while maintaining full control with full visibility, competitive instant prices and trusted carriers.

Payment Methods

Users need to be able to manage their payment details in order to keep shipments running smoothly without any hiccups. Therefore, it needed to be clear to the user when there was any issues with a payment method so that it wouldn't go unnoticed.

Active Shipments

From the dashboard, users need to be able to see their shipments which are currently in progress. From a single glance, they would need to be able to determine where shipments were and whether there were any issues with those shipments or not.


This achieve this, shipments that require attention will display a warning tag and be prioritised to the top of the list so that they can be seen immediately. The top bar also summarises the number of shipments that are delayed or require attention out of the total number of active shipments.