Destination Pages AEGEAN AIRLINES

Adding sports equipment and pets to Aegean's booking flow.

Project Overview

Holiday booking websites are a dime a dozen. The competition rages stronger every year and companies are constantly battling to become the customer's go-to holiday booking site. TravelUp wanted a piece of this market and part of their plan to differentiate themselves was by creating stunning and attractive destination pages. 

My Role

A destination page is a page on the website which displays information about a specific location. For example, the destination page of Cancun would display all sorts of things a potential customer might want to know, ranging from the weather all the way to the best hotel deals. My role in this project was to lead the design of TravelUps destination pages. 

Search Bar

Having A/B tested search bar styles in the past, I was well aware of the impact that the simplicity of search bars have on customer behaviours. It is essential for a search bar to be simple and uncluttered. Additionally, the search bar must contain logic where previously entered information is saved and customer preferences can be saved. In this case, the existing search widget was horrendously cluttered, busy and overwhelming. I enhanced the search bar by removing unnecessary fields and cleaning up the layout. 



Hotel Pods

Part of the destination page are the hotel pods. These are small components which showcase hotel items and information associated with those hotels. For this project, I designed brand new hotel pods which show the most important information relating to a hotel whilst maintaining a clean and tidy manner. This also suits a responsive layout.