Fare Finder


The tool that allows customers to search for flights based on route and budget.

Project Overview

As the lead product designer at Monarch Airlines, I was excited when talk came about of budget for a Fare Finder. I scooped up the responsibility to design this without hesitation since this would be our best chance to begin levelling the playing field with competitors UX-wise. I was assigned one developer and was given one month to get this project completed as an MVP in an attempt to boost flight conversions and begin to morph the look and feel of Monarch into something new and modern.


I began my research through competitor analysis. Improving upon similar products created by other airlines whilst innovating in our own way seemed the best way to kickstart a product like Fare Finder. Since many competitor products lacked a consistent experience and smooth flow, it was clear to me that we had room for improvement. I then wrote a list of UX related keywords (hard, confused, complicated etc) and, with the help of the marketing department, I acquired qualitative data through keyword searches of our customer feedback channels.

UX Design

Through meeting with the stakeholders, the entire project was scoped out. The minimal viable product, which would include the main search functionality of Fare Finder, along with the ability for users to deep link from Fare Finder into the existing booking path, was ready to be planned. I then began wireframing the product and fully collaborating with project managers to make sure they were happy with all progress made along the way.

UI Design

After all wireframes and research was approved by the team, I began to bring the UX to life with the user interface design. Since this was the first step to a new Monarch, I was keen for the design to feel bold and royal. Since the Monarch brand is a fairly strong shade of purple, I decided it was best not to shy away from it but instead use it correctly. I also wanted to make good use of silent video since it can speak a thousand words to the user even whilst running in the background. For this, I collaborated with the marketing department and found time-lapses of a couple of our main destinations. I set these running in a loop behind Fare Finder and placed a purple gradient overlay. The result was stunning and the rest of the team agreed.